• Effects

  • Hand crafted Fireworks

    Due to safety fireworks are meticulously hand crafted by trained workers. Fireworks must be handmade because of the possibility of sparks from machinery. Individuals have to wear all-cotton clothing to prevent sparks from static electricity.

    Island Pyro's purchases from many different manufacturers around the world to bring you the newest effects while maintaining the safety and quality our clients have come to expect.

    We also have our ATF manufacturing licence and share ideas with domestic manufactures to bring our clients breath taking products that are continually used in fireworks competitions around the USA.

    Let us "Spark" your imagination if have a idea of something you have never seen let us know and we will see if it can be made. 

  • Indoor Pyrotechnics

    Our #1 manufacturer of theatrical, pyrotechnic, special effects and technical pyrotechnics has been around since 2001. Today, they are leading pyrotechnic manufacturer serving customers throughout the world. . They are a domestic manufacturer, the principals have put their 80 plus years of combined manufacturing experience to work developing and producing dependable pyrotechnic devices that have become a standard for the live-entertainment industry. Additionally, They also provide pyrotechnic devices and materials for military and law enforcement simulation and training as well as other technical applications.


  • Special FX

    From Cryo jets to Fog features, Flame projectors, and Movie SPFX like Massive rolling fireballs and explosions. We do it all !!


  • Aerial Shells

  • Aerial Shell

    Aerial shells come in many sizes, The safety fallout area your specific location and proximity to spectators will determine the size of shell we can shoot. 3'' and 4'' shells are usually round or cylindrical canister type. As the size goes up the cost follows, many of the special effects shells with patterns and inserts like Hummers Whistles and Tourbillons start a 5'' and go up. Multi effect and long duration shells are usually 6''- 8'' and larger 

  • Comet

    Comets are pellet of composition  1/2 '' to 3'' in diameter which is propelled from a mortar and produces a long tailed effect. Large comets are constructed much like aerial display shells, with attached lift charge ready for loading into mortars. They are very beautiful when shot in volleys to create patterns in the sky.

  • Mine

    A mine contains multiple pyrotechnic effects that are simultaneously ignited and dispersed into the air from mortar or tube.

    They vary from single to multi color they can include many different effects like Hummers Whistles and Tourbillons Crossettes, even salutes, Go-geters and Flying fish Mines are always a crowd pleaser with a incredible Wow factor if used properly.

  • Ground Effects

  • Cakes

    Sometimes referred to as "repeaters" or "multi-shot aerials", a cake is an item that has a single fuse which is used to light several tubes in sequence. Cakes can have a variety of intricate aerial effects, including spinners, fish, flower bouquets, comets, crossettes, salutes whistles and other elements. When multiple cakes are fired together in fronts it can be quite spectacular. This is a effect we have been doing for over 20 years.

  • Candles

    A Candle is a large paper tube  1'' to 3'' in diameter filled with composition that shoots flaming balls out one end of the tube. Most roman candles have five to 8 shots and can be single colored stars to Crossettes, Spinners and other effects. Candles are another great effect in our repertoire and fired in volley or fronts to create patterns in the sky

  • Fountains

    A fountain or gerb is a device that projects a spray of sparks that can be single color to transitioning gold to silver and even crackling.

    Fountains can be very manufactured to very precise performance specifications and preform anywhere from 1ft to 65ft tall and last form .5 seconds to 3 minutes. Used properly fountains can be very dramatic and beautiful accents to any show.