• Events

  • If you are looking for that special Flare to add that extra Wow factor or just looking for a reason to add Fireworks to your event.

                    Give us a call, we love seeing our clients happy!

                           The night sky is our canvas and we love to paint the sky with our Animated colorful palette of Pyrotechnics.

  • Fourth of July

    Fireworks go hand in hand with the 4th of July like Grandma's Potato salad and Apple pie

  • New Years Eve

    With everyone's heart's filled with excitement and anticipation for the count down to start. The pyrotechnicians are poised with their finger on the button ready to launch the grand pyrotechnics extravaganza at the stroke of Midnight. 

  • Weddings

    Fireworks are always a great accent for that special day. Our designers will work closely with you and your Wedding planner to help create a unique and memorable event with many breath taking photo opportunities.

  • Private Parties

    Confetti and Blue or Pink Smoke mines are great for Gender reveals, or even when your proposing to that special person in your life. Pyrotechnics are always that special accent that makes a special event even more memorable. How about a sky filled with Silver comets and Silver twinkling stars for your Silver Anniversary or Gold Pixie dust mines with Golden Weeping willows for that Golden anniversary.

  • Sporting Events

    From Football to Baseball, Soccer to Basketball and even Hockey, Pyrotechnics, Flame projectors or Cryo jets are always a great way to energize the spectators and celebrate every time the home team scores.

  • Motor Sport Racing

    As the winning Driver or Rider crosses the finish line a volley of comets rocket into the air followed barrage of Thunderous salutes fill the sky!!

    We have shot for Circle track to Super Bike and Motocross events. Along with Pace motor Sports and SFX Entertainment we provided Pyrotechnics for the MOTOR MADNESS & Monster Jam Truck Series in Super Domes all across the USA.

  • Festivals

    Fireworks are a great marketing tool for Festivals to bring more people in to your event and get them to stay longer for the Fireworks.

    Our designers can create a special show that will complement your theme. From a Spring time Blooming Festival, to a Multicultural Event, to Festa De Palmas and Holiday Tree lighting Ceremonies, The excitement of Fireworks will bring people back year after year. Your sponsors will enjoy the return on their investment as patrons share photos of your event along with the Fireworks on Facebook, Snapchat,and Instagram.


  • Concerts

    Pyrotechnics and Stage Effects always get concert goers cheering and screaming for their favorite band or DJ.

    When the band is playing your favorite song and the stage erupts with Flame projectors and Cryo jets the crowed goes wild or when the DJ drops that beat that just gets you dancing and cheering as Pyrotechnics fly high over the stage and burst into a kaleidoscope of colors.

    Pyrotechnics and Stage Effects have become a very integral part of of many concerts. 

  • Corporate Events

    From Corporate presentations and mergers to product reveals. Our design team can Recreate your Logo with Pyrotechnics or even Lasers.

    Corporate parties with fireworks or Lasers are a great way to stand out from the crowd and do something unique for your clients and personal

  • Carnivals

    Parents a children of all ages love going to the Carnival or the Fair. There is nothing like enjoying funnel cakes and cotton candy on the Ferris wheel while the Fireworks are rocking into the sky. Spectators will stay longer just to watch the fireworks. Many parents will bring their children and park outside just to watch the Fireworks.Then will end up coming into the Carnival because the children want to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl or Scrambler. " I Know because me and my sister were those children" Fireworks are a great advertising medium and  makes for more positive revenue. 

  • Fire Department & LEO Events

    We work with many Fire Departments, Police,and First Responders. From National Night out Events.

    Or to help train and keep personal up to date on the latest technologies and procedures on usage and securing fireworks. We also offer our services of Fire, Smoke, and Explosives for real world training simulations and Active shooter training.

  • Winter Events

    Christmas is a magical time of the year. Adding fireworks to your special event  just adds to the majesty of Christmas.

    From the Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony to weekly shows for a Festival of Lights. Fireworks are always exciting and get the crowd cheering. Your sponsors will enjoy the return on their investment as patrons share photos of your event along with the Fireworks on Facebook, Snapchat,and Instagram.