• Our Story

  • Island Pyro’s is a fireworks company committed to producing high quality displays for all entertainment needs, in various price ranges.  We are a family owned business, based in South Padre Island. We are veteran owned and contract other local veterans to assist in our shows. 

    Unique to our company is the numerous and varied spectacular fronts and low-level effects we use in conjunction with our aerial shells.  Our concussion mortars, twirling Saxons and strobing fronts and colored smoke screens are great “attention getters” for any crowd.  We display fountains, mines comets, flash pots airburst confetti mines, cannons and ceiling or truss mounted Fire-Falz in our close-proximity shows.  The excitement generated by thunderous salutes and a sky filled with brilliant multicolored shells or dazzling stage flares and glitter mines with bursting confetti are sure to energize any crowd and leave a lasting impression.   

    We utilize the latest in wireless firing systems and technologies to be able to provide you the best possible show.  This technology allows Island Pyros more possibilities, where other companies are limited with cables.  Our shows are computer choreographed and synchronized with a unique soundtrack just for your special event.  We can also provide your sponsors with a wireless receiver that can be plugged into your house sound system. So multiple sponsors and locations can listen to the musically choreographed show simultaneously. 

    Over the years Island Pyro’s has produced shows of both large and small scale.  We have produced shows for churches, community events, political rallies, amusement parks, military bases, Fourth of July, Christmas, New Year's Eve events, and private parties. 

    After working closely with the City of Wichita Ks Chief of Police, Fire Chief and City Manager, we were the first company to be allowed to shoot off the roof tops of three building over 10,000 spectators in downtown Wichita KS for the Century II 30th anniversary. 

    Continuing our innovation in the pyrotechnics industry, we were the first and only company allowed to shoot fireworks on the artificial turf field at Memorial Stadium in McAllen Tx for the Holiday Balloon Parade. 

    We are also, the first and only company to get approval to do rooftop displays off the McAllen Convention Center and preforming arts buildings, for multiple holiday and special events. 

    Island Pyros also created a choreograph unique summer series show for LongBoard Bar and Grill and Lobo Del Mar Café in South Padre Island.  We shot from 5 barges every Saturday in 2019 from July to Labor Day weekend.   

    Our work is designed and engineered by a fully licensed pyrotechnicians, and licensed staff shooters, all who work in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.  Island Pyro’s maintains a year-round $2,000,000 insurance policy for each event. 

    Island Pyro's are experience at doing simple to elaborate displays of fireworks for day or night and special effects for both indoor and outdoor events.  Included are various aerial shows and unique and awe-inspiring fronts, and low-level effects.